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May 13, 2014
October 12, 2016




For detection of early breast cancer, to diagnosis galactophore , pathological changes ,differentiation between benign and malignant tumor.

Infrared Diagnostic unit of Mammary gland is designed according to the different infrared absorption ratio of human bio-tissue .After the trans illumination of the mammary tissue by infrared probe, signals will be photo-electrically transmitted and then processed help with quick and accurate diagnosis,

Benign or malignant tumor ,hyperplasia of mammary glans,breast cyst and other galactophore diseases can be identified according to the different shades and boundaries of the shadows, as well as the distribution of the vessels.

The clinical application verifies that it is a quick,accurate,non-invasive diagnostic method ,having special significance for detecting early breast cancer, and superior to the traditional examining methods such as the x-rays and the B-ultrasound.


Infrared image managing system, 32 sets of encoding forge color and dynamic filtering function.

Image managing function: dynamic video, image capture, freeze, image dispose, save.

Dynamic video and cine replay= real time dynamic video, capture the picture under REC or replay.   Process

Dynamic encoding forges color; add forge color in full screen or in special area.

Professional case history managing system, patients information can be inputted, checked, stated, transferred or back up speedy.

Measure the perimeter and area of the focus automatically, character signs.

Image can be saved to JPEG or BMP file format, DI COM format.

Multi reports formats can be selected, or be edited freely.

Multi working interface of software can be selected, or be edited freely .

User can amend the patients information freely.

High resolution and low intensity infrared digital CCD pickup camera ,image is clear.

Professional infrared lamp house with probe mode, intelligent zing adjustment auto protection.